Q: Can I help you out with this cool looking project?

A: No, it's my dissertation, which basically means that this whole thing is a one man show, however constructive criticism is always welcome.


Q: So why The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past?

A: It's a classic, it's a classic that I've enjoyed emensly over the years and what better way to show your appreciation of something then to spend 8 months remaking it in 3D?


Q: It sounds like you've taken a lot on, are you sure you can handel it?

A: Yeah there is quite a bit to do but I like a challenge and the uni did say to make it challenging.


Q: Why are you only doing Light World? Dark World is soo much better!

A: In an ideal world I would do both worlds but alas I only have 8 months to do all the modelling and the textures as well as a 10,000 word dissertation, it's going to be tight enough to do just the Light World.


Q: How are you going to tackle transfering the puzzels into 3d?

A: The short answer is I'm not, as I'm only modelling the exterier enviroment, so I'm not tackerling any of the dungeons.


Q: So are we gonna be able to beat up some bad guys?

A: Nope, no character models, probably no items either.


Q: So assuming you do indeed export your model into a game engine will we be navigating via a first person or third person perspective?

A: I've not decided yet but the chances are it'll be first person as it would be easier to work.


Q: Your specification says that you are meant to be doing the lighting and the rendering now, how come you're still modelling?

A: Good question, and the answer? Not so good, basically I'm still modelling because 1. I forgot to factor in the holiday's and 2. I spent too much sleeping over said holiday.


Q: So what's going to happen now that you've handed it in?

A: Now I'm going to leave it till the summer and hopefully finish it off then, I may also open it up to other modellers, animators, coders, textueres and such in order to make a working game. At any rate They'll be no more work done on it till the summer.

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