Welcome to my dissertation site, here you will see how I recreated the old SNES 2D classic "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" in full 3D.


So much for finishing this off over the summer! Fear not however for there has been some progress, in that I have managed to aquire a very nifty plug-in called Speedtree, which produces really nice trees with low poly counts. So I've managed to replace all of my tress with Speedtrees and the whole things looks much better, no renders yet but soon hopefully.



Renders page has been updated, along with the diary plus I've uploaded my final video walk through of all the stuff I got done in time for the deadline, that's right! This bad ass dissertation has been handed in, check the diary section for more info.



Updated the diary. Expect some renders of Death Mountain and Hyrule Field soon.!



What's this? Two update inside of a week! Have I totally lost it? Pretty much. Few more renders uploaded this time of the, Hyrule Castle, Lost Woodsand Zora's Domain environments and would you Adam and Eve it, I've finally got my designs uploaded! Enjoy!



Happy new year! Loads of stuff for you all to look at this month, finally got my designs scanned (horay for small miracles!) Currently in the process of tidying them up before I upload them. Two installments to the diary (one for the christmas period and another for the past week). Finally onto the good stuff, renders, loads of renders of some of the enviroments, check 'em out.



Just a small update for you all this week, two renders, one of Hyrule Castle and one of a tree (a tree? You're getting lazy man!) plus an extra addition to the diary. Enjoy!



Mega update for you this week, seeing as I've missed the last couple of weeks, more renders than I care to count have been added to the renders section and shock horror! I've put something in the diary section! I'll hopefully get my designs up in the next couple of weeks.



Uploaded a collection of test videos demonstrating various rendering techniques. They can all be found in the videos section.



Uploaded some renders for various things, mostly houses.


06 / 11/ 2005

Site is live! I've uploaded the Project Outline and the Project Specification. The designs should be up in the next couple of weeks.

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